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I was playing metro last light and I had low fps, so I turned the graphics down and restarted the game. While the game was showing company logos, the game freezes and lines appear everywhere. I try to tab out and get to task manager but nothing happens. I eventually force shut down my computer.

When I turned it back on, vertical lines were in the loading windows bar and once it got passed that stage the computer just black screened before getting to log in. So I tried again, ran it on safe mode and it worked. I uninstalled the display drivers and rebooted it. I could now log in and use the internet on normal mode, but still with lines over my screen and no working graphics card. I have now replaced the AMD radeon 6800 with my (very) old AMD radeon 4350. My computer works fine now, except i can't play any high graphic games!

I can't work out what is wrong with my 6800. I thought it might be an overheat, but then I wasn't actually playing the game, and I've played much more high powered games like Crysis 3 and it was fine. Does anyone know?

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This chap has two excellent programmes for testing graphics cards, "Artifact Locater" and "Video Memory Stress Test". Be aware, though that your drivers must be up to date and correctly installed or you will get false-positives. mikelab.kiev.ua/index_en.php?page=PROGRAMS/vmt_en –  Tog Jan 15 at 9:22

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