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I am using Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.16476 (Update Versions 11.0.2). What happens is if I load IE by clicking a Desktop or Start Menu icon or a Windows shortcut key (assigned from Properties), it works ok. Also if I run iexplore.exe from cmd, that works. However, if I load iexplore.exe from AutoHotkey or a legacy command prompt called 4NT, then my laptop's touchpad two-finger scroll will not work in IE!

How is it possible that depending on what program iexplore.exe is launched by, the scrolling either works or doesn't work? I even tried making run-ie.vbs, which would in turn launch iexplore.exe. But if that vbs was ran from AutoHotkey, IE still couldn't scroll. I tried to fiddle around with Run as Administrator, but no luck so far.

What can be the reason for this strange behavior?

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1) What about other browsers or generally applications that support this type of scrolling, do they behave the same way when launched by AHK? 2) Maybe there's some other program/driver that takes low-level input, detecs two-finger gestures and converts them into a scroll (similarly to how AHK works). Try to find out if something like that exists, e.g. by disabling and continuously re-enabling autostart applications. –  MCL Jan 23 at 11:09

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I'm not sure if this will be of any help or not, but here it goes. I had a similar problem before. The script I was using in auto hotkey was used to open things as well as simulate some keystrokes. The problem was that I had sent a down keystroke but did not follow it with an up key stroke. Thus, the computer had it that I was holding down Esc (for example). With this key effectively held own, the touch pad was disabled.

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