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As I am beginning designing my own teaching material, I naturally started using git to keep track of changes and prevent unrecoverable data loss. So I have set up a big git repository with everything I have done so far. This includes lecture notes, beamers and exams.

Now I want to host this repository in a remote location, both for security (in case of failure of my equipment) and for easy sharing of my work with colleagues, or anyone with an interest to it, possibly including my students.

The issue I have is with the exams, I would like to be able to host them as any other material. But obviously, having the exam subject available online before I give them to my students is not a very good idea. So, here is my question (I hear you sigh “at last”)

  • Is there a way to put the exam subjects in the remote repository, so I could use them as the other files, but to somehow keep them unreadable for other people as long as the exam hasn't been done ?
  • If not, can you think of another convenient way to deal with exams ?
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