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What is the best method for saving a Firefox session, or something similiar to it, in such a way that it can be easily stored in a separate folder and easily launched from the file?

Two example approaches that I want to improve on:

  1. Firefox's Session Manager Add-On allows you to save a single window or set of windows. These sessions are saved as individual files. You can, if you want, move a session file somewhere else for organizational purposes. I don't think you can restore a session file other than using the Firefox menu though, and the session file has to be currently in the session folder.

  2. You can create a text file containing copies of the URLs for the tabs you want to save. Drawbacks: I don't know of a way to avoid the manual work of saving each individual URL and likewise I don't know of a way to avoid the manual work of reloading each URL later on.

Edit: the answers to Is there a method to export the URLs of the open tabs of a Firefox window? provide ways to make copying the URLs in the second example easier at least.

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sessionstore.js in the Firefox profile folder holds the windows/tabs info. This file can be copied/transported to reuse the sessions elsewhere. Profile files –  vWil Jan 27 at 16:22

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