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Let's suppose I've a directory with some media files. I add them to the Windows Media Player playlist and then turn the Shuffle option to ON. The music starts playing and I leave the window minimized.

A few minutes later, when a file finishes playing, I want to see which file it was that had been playing. Is there a recent files history in WMP? I use Windows 7 Ultimate and WMP version 12.0.7601.1754.

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There's no built-in recent file history in WMP, but you can easily create one yourself by using WMP's Auto Playlist functionality.

In WMP's library, click the arrow next to Create playlist and select Create auto playlist. Enter a name for the playlist, and under Music in my library, add the condition Date Last Played. Then further customize the condition so that it reads Date Last Played Is More Recent Than Yesterday. Click OK to create the auto playlist.

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  1. Click on Music.
  2. Right-click on the column headings.
  3. Click "Choose Columns...".
  4. Tick "Date last played".

enter image description here

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