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I have to perform a task on frequent basis and that is scanning a bunch of pages(all pages with same size) and create a PDF file out of it so that the PDF will appear as close to original pages as possible which means no margins, no cropping.

Now I know a clumsy way to do this. Fire up Word, set correct page size and set margins to zero. Import images(if you import multiple, Word messes up the order) and save as PDF. Now this is tedious procedure if you have to do it frequently.

Is there any way to do it faster?

I have already seen this question with only one answer useful to me and it was marked off-topic(I don't know why). I am just trying to open up the topic to find the best way for this task.

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What type of device are you using to scan. Adobe Acrobat has the ability to batch OCR files which auto-rotates and does a bunch of stuff –  Ramhound Jan 18 at 1:49
If you don't mind good quality, I use an iPhone app called CamScanner (itunes.apple.com/ar/app/camscanner-free/id388627783?mt=8). It allows you to take many pictures and then combines them to one PDF. –  l19 Jan 18 at 2:09
The linked question has for a product recommendation your current question while it might require a software suggestion is worded in a way where it's not requesting a product recommendation –  Ramhound Jan 18 at 2:13
@Ramhound: Its my HP all-in-one. And its not actually OCR. Its my handwritten homework. –  tumchaaditya Jan 18 at 2:20
@l19: Thanks but I don't have an iDevice –  tumchaaditya Jan 18 at 2:24

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