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I have a Mac, and I want to have the ability to create CDs that contain audio in the pause between track regions.

I've looked through many threads on this and haven't gotten much of anywhere; I was able to do it on Jam 6 on my old computer, but I'm having trouble getting that onto my MacBook, and considering Jam has been discontinued I don't know if it's best to rely on it anyway.

I've figured out how to manipulate a cue sheet and burn it through Toast 11, but if I insert an area of index 00 into the cue sheet it just creates a pregap instead of putting the sound content into the index 00. I've had the same experience with LiquidCD, which I thought would have this feature and apparently does not.

Does anyone have any solutions? I figure that if it is capable on Jam, it can be done on some other application. Thanks!

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