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I like PyCharm a lot. I write a good chunk of python for my job. I want to conform to PEP8 and it's line length suggestions as best as possible. Having right margins for 72 characters, 79 characters, and 99 characters is very important to me. However, within the current IntelliJ family of IDEs, a user can only specify one right margin as shown by this screenshot.

Does anyone know of a plugin that allows a user to add more right margins? Or more right rulers (I don't need/want my code to be able to wrap at each vertical line)?

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The only thing I was able to find is that with sublime text you can specify as many margins as you want, it is called rulers though. But Sublime text is not an IDE and doesn't implement as many features as PyCharm. I guess multiple margins isn't a feature that comes with IntelliJ products.

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