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Upgraded to latest Ubuntu, currently 9.10. Videos used to work fine. Now, playing videos using VLC or any other media player shows them 'sepia' tinged when playing. This is annoying. I remember this used to happen on occasion (after resuming from suspect), and I forget what I fiddled with to make it better. Does anyone have the method to force video to render correctly with this combination? It happens even after a reboot.


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If its only the video that gets sepia tinged, maybe you have tweaked the driver gamma correction for video playback. However, I have no clue why this should kick in only after a standby cycle.

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I had the same problem. I changed to a previous version of the NVidia driver (version 173) and it worked.

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i had the same problem for 10 minutes =). You should reset the color balance in totem: Preferences -> Display -> "Reset to Defaults" and choose Close. Thats it!

n'joy it :))

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