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I have a strange error with my Windows Server 2008 machine.

I have 5 hard drives, different brands and capacities (from 300 GB to 2 TB). Normally, the computer runs perfectly fine, it is able to boot and stay running for several weeks if not months.

Problems occur when the occasional restarts are needed, for windows updates as an example. When the reboot occurs, the computer will have either one of these problems:

  • Only 2 of the hard drives are visible/accessible on boot and its almost NEVER the SATA 1 HDD

  • It will give me a Windows Boot Manager Error (0xc000000e I believe), which basically says "Boot disk is not accessible". In this case, all the HDDs are visible but booting into windows gives me this error.

Currently this is how I go about resolving this problem temporally:

  1. I shut down the computer and turn off the PSU
  2. I unplug all the HDDS except SATA 1
  3. Boot up the PC, it loads into Windows and then I shut it down again
  4. Re-plug all the HDDs back up and reboot, everything is working normal.

Having said that, another reboot sometime later and i'll be back at square one doing this all over again.

Any ideas what is causing this problem and any possible fix? It cannot be a "lack of power" issue because I am using an over-the-top PSU for this setup, it also has no GPU.

Thank you

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