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I have an AT&T U-verse 2Wire 3800 hgv-b modem/router with an AT&T provided Cisco wireless access point. The AT&T wireless access point is flaking out now and then, so I'm attaching my Netgear DGN2200 as a second wireless access point "behind" the 2Wire 3800. Long ago, before I moved to U-verse, I configured the Netgear with two wireless networks: a public network ("NetworkP") and a private network ("NetworkN"). The 2Wire (or AT&T wireless access point) is providing a second private network ("NetworkA").

At the current time, I can use my wired computers to access the internet whether I connect them to the 2Wire router or to the Netgear router. My wireless computers can connect to either the 2Wire provided NetworkA or to the Netgear provided NetworkP. Unfortunately, the wireless password I have written down for NetworkN doesn't seem to be working.

So I want to connect to the Netgear configuration web page to configure it. I've tried connecting to which doesn't work (as expected since the 2Wire router has assigned that IP address to another device). I've tried connecting to each of the IP addresses that the 2Wire router has assigned, and those don't work. I've tried connecting the Netgear router to my mac laptop instead of the 2Wire router, but can't seem to establish a connection that way.

What strategy should I use to configure the Netgear router?

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