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I have a x64 machine which needs "additional drivers" for x86 clients. The problem I have is I cannot get the proper .inf files so I can use them. Canon only provides an .exe file, which when extracted has other .exe files and some dll files.

I believe Canon changed their drivers, because I did have them extracted at one point, but sadly did not save them :(.

The drivers are available here. Hopefully I am clear in what I am trying to do. Canon provides the .exe file. The .exe file when extracted does not produce any .inf driver files.


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I should note this is for Windows 7 x64, and I want Windows 7 x86 drivers (although I believe any x86 drivers would work). I should also note, the XP version of this driver (which claims it is the same as the Vista version) does extract just fine. – Trix Nov 14 '09 at 4:29
the procedure in this answer may help. – quack quixote Apr 12 '10 at 10:00

You could try extracting the contents of the exe file using Universal extractor. It works quite well with most exe files and it's free so it could be worth a try.

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1 UP: winrar will also do this – squarebear Jul 19 '11 at 16:24

You have to use the drivers from the Windows XP 64 installer. For my IP1600, I had to download the windows XP 64 bit driver, extract it, and point to the extracted folder. I used Universal Extractor to extract the files. The file was called "ip1600.inf" in my case, so I would guess "ip4600.inf" for yours? Good luck!

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I had a similar problem - Windows 7 x64 client, Vista x86 32-bit server. If I connected the iP4600 directly to the client, then driver installed OK. If I connected the iP4600 to the Vista 32-bit server, then tried to add the printer as a remote printer from my 64-bit client machine, no driver could be found for the client.

Managed to solve the problem by explicitly downloading the Vista x64 driver from here on my Windows 7 client PC, then adding the remote printer again.

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