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I have a script for converting game assets to multiple resolutions, via imagick, and when I run the same imagick commands on Mac and Windows (with the same version of imagick - ImageMagick 6.8.7-2), the produced PNGs are different (which is a huge problem with versioning, etc.).

Can you please suggest some solution? Like, processing graphics into some uncompressed rgba8888 format, and then turning that into PNG with some software that behaves the same across platform? Or by some stricter setting of imagick (force same seed, etc?).

I am already using -strip to get rid of metadata (including creation time), but now the difference is in a big part of file.

        Mac version    vs.    Windows version

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The two files differ by one bit in a single pixel - pixel 150,46 is #18323F in one file and #183240 in the other. This has the effect that the compressed data differs from that point on in the file. Both contain a text chunk that claims they were made by Adobe ImageReady. –  Glenn Randers-Pehrson Jul 8 at 18:32

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