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I currently have a storage pool with 3x3TB WD Red hard drives setup in simple mode (i.e. no redundancy) on a server running Windows Server 2012 Essentials. I use those 9TB as a shared drive across the network. Last night, I was copying over a large video file when partway through the operation, the transfer froze and the network location was not found. I rebooted the server, and the storage spaces encountered an error, saying one of the drives "lost communication".

I ran HDTune and one of the drives takes longer to load info, but it reports that the health is OK everywhere. I then ran the error scan, which reported several damaged blocks. I've tried different SATA ports, etc.

My question is what are my options for attempting to restore my storage pool? While I have some of the data backed up, I would really like to get this pool back. Have I really lost all the data across the 3 drives? Just seems like there should be a way to recover the 95% of it that probably isn't on the bad sectors? I know there is plenty of software out there to help, but I worry that it won't work with the storage pool concept?

It's also a bit odd that I never got any indication the drive was bad, other than the damaged blocks - no previous errors, no weird sounds, etc.

Is something along the lines of spinrite or HDD Regenerator a possibility?

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