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I added a footer to my doc via Insert > Footer > All, then Insert > Fields > Page Number

It was working good. All of a sudden (maybe I hit some strange key combination?) the footnote was gone, or at least the page numbers were no longer displaying.

I'm trying to add back the footer, but the only menu items now available beneath Insert > Footer > are:

Default Style, First Page, and Index

The first (Default Style) and the last (Index) are checked.

This happens with the cursor on page 2 (page 1 is a Title Page),

"Default Style" sounds good, but it won't allow me to click inside the footer (which does display) to add the page number...???

I just noticed something odd: when I click in the footer, the footers on ALL the pages say, "Footer (First Page)" Why would that be?

In my other documents, only the first page says "Footer (First Page)"; the rest are "Footer (Default Style)"

How can I let the problem document know that there is only one first page?


I don't know how it happened that all of my pages have a "First Page" header, but I was able to restore the footnote by editing the "First Page" style. Now I have a different question: how to get rid of the page number on page 1 / title page (only).

I'll ask that in a new post.

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