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I have configured mutt as the mail client to send the mail using Linux command line. I have configured the mail client by saving the configuration in the .muttrc file. I am able to retrieve all the inbox mails, as verified using Microsoft Outlook. I have also verified that the path specified for '

set copy=yes

set record=+"Sent Items"

' I am able to see the mails sent using Microsoft Outlook client using mutt client in linux. Verified using

mutt -f 'impas://user@domain.com:993/Sent Items'

But, whenever I send any mail using mutt command line example:

echo "Test mail" | mutt -s "Test Sent" someone@example.com

This command works successfully as verified at mail is received successfully at the receiver's end.

It will be very helpful if anyone can help me with this issue!

Please consider, the most of the mailbox and account credentials to be OK, as I am able to send the mail successfully using mutt, only the issue is that the mail is not backed up in the Sent folder and thus not reflected in Microsoft Outlook "Sent Items" folder.

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