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I have currently Leopard version 10.5.8 installed & I am thinking to upgrading to snow leopard but I want to be sure what enhancements will I get

googling has revealed that only under the hood enhancements have been made ....

I am pretty happy with my current OS

should I upgrade ....?

its only 29$ I believe for me right... but still .....what are your comments........

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  • It's a bit faster, including startup and shut down
  • It takes up less disk space
  • Certain applications that take advantage of the new developer features will run faster (64-bit and Grand Central Dispatch)
  • Most of the applications have been updated to newer versions, including Safari and QuickTime
  • The Dock, Stacks, and Exposé were enhanced
  • Other aesthetic changes

(For a full list see Apple's page)

Basically, yes, you should upgrade. The $29 is worth it.

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LOTS of under the hood changes along with about 10GB more disk space. – Josh K Nov 14 '09 at 23:11

I upgraded two machines (a MacBook Pro and a MacPro). On both systems, the upgrade freed up over 10 GB of disk space. And, in general, it seems faster, although I haven't done any measurements :-).

Personally, that was good enough for me.

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I would, it's nice to use the latest and greatest.

There are a few nice improvements to the dock, stacks and exposé which I would say are worth the $29 if you use the system as your primary computer.

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you can use 64bit application, and have some scrolling advanced in dock.

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