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Possible Duplicate:
VERY large text files and Snow Leopard
Open massive file on Mac?

I have a 16GB sql database backup I have just taken, what software can I open it with for Mac?

I have tried TextMate, but that just fails completely by just opening a blank page and not attempting to open it. Any software will do (raw text/UI).

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Assuming the SQL file was not created on that Mac, and depending on what you want to do with its data: just install the database software on that Mac, and import it into that new database?

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There's a Vim plugin that allows it to open large files.

Then you could either go with the CLI version already installed or use MacVim.

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How about:

less file.sql

from a terminal window? You can also use grep, etc.

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HexFiend is the best application I've found for extremely large files as it does not try to store the entire file in memory. While more of a hex editor than a text editor it may be more than workable given that it works very, very quickly.

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BBEdit can probably handle it (so should TextWrangler), but unless you really need to get inside and make some changes to the data, re-importing into the proper database management software is going to be your best bet.

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In my experience TextWrangler (free) can handle large files much better than TextMate, but I haven't opened anything like 16GB with it. – donut Nov 16 '09 at 2:40

Terminal -> 'vi'

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