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So what happened is that my 32 GB USB Drive was initially 32 GB, more like 29.82, but still. Anyway, I use this for everything, school, personal, educational, everything. So then we recently got the DISH Hopper, and I noticed that I can plug in a USB Drive, so I backed up my 20GB of data on it, and the DISH Hopper box stated that in order to use the USB Drive with the cable box, I need to format it to a DISH Hopper-friendly format, so I let it do just that. Then I decided to format back to FAT32. but it says that I only have 1 GB of storage on the drive. So i decided to look at Disk Management, and it shows that it has 2 partitions, the 1GB portion, and a 28.82 portion.

I only have access to the 1GB portion in terms of standard point-and-click. I've tried everything I could in terms of using the Disk Management that was on my Windows 7 already.

I tried deleting the Volume on the 28.82 partition, and expanding the volume on the 1GB, but it did not let me.

When I used the Hopper to Reformat, on the Disk Management, it shows that they are both Primary Partitions, both healthy.

Can somebody help me recombine the 2 partitions into one, thank you.

If you have any further questions, please ask. I'll be happy to answer.

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You need to remove the partitions and recreate a large one. You might be able to do that with Disk Management, or failing that try diskpart from the command line. This guide will show you how to do it that way.

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boldTHANK YOU!! THAT GUIDE WAS SO HELPFUL!! THANK YOU SO MUCH MAN. I'm new to this site, so if there is any way to give you a thumbs-up or something, I'll gladly do it. THANK YOU SO MUCH. – Jesus Ruelas Jan 26 '14 at 18:55

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