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Specs :

  • HD : 3 TB external Samsung Hard-disk
  • OS : Win 8.1 64 Bit
  • SW : Paragon

How it happened :

  • Applied a resize at end operation in Paragon on my 3 TB disk. I wanted the 3 TB to split to 2980 GB and 20 GB.
  • Paragon started applying. After about .5 hour, there was an I/O error. I did not ignore/force close. I cancelled using the button given by paragon.
  • Checked if External Drive was detected - No
  • Rebooted, checked again - not detected
  • Right clicked My Computer to check the status of disk - Windows sees it as an un-formatted 3 TB disk with 2300 GB and 700 GB. (I expected either 2980 GB and 20 GB or 3TB.)
  • Used Test Disk to make sure it can read the headers - It can

My plan - Boot into Ubuntu using LIVE CD and see what Ubunutu sees. - If it cannot find the disk in proper structure, will download a recovery software and try.

Request you to suggest what is the best way forward. Please help me.

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Ubuntu could not detect the disk. I think this is because of the corrupt MBR – S Rahul Bose Jan 22 '14 at 8:31

Summary I used testdisk to get my data back. I analysed my disk, then I wrote the structure back to the disk. Windows found the MBR and I could see all my files.

Details Drive was not detected because of corrupt MBR which Paragon did.

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