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I have a setup in which a certain folder (let's say \\Server\Countries) has some permissions to some groups (let's say GG_World_Admins), and the folders inside (let's say \\Server\Countries\Spain, \\Server\Countries\New Zealand and \\Server\Countries\Western Sahara) have non-inherited permissions. I mean, they have unchecked the box "Include all inheritable permissions from parent". So they are accessible only to their specific groups (let's say GG_ES_RW, GG_NZ_RW, GG_WS_WS).

Now I need a new group (let's say GG_Audit_Managers) to have access to all these country folders. If I add the new group to \\Server\Countries permissions are not cascaded to the country folders, so I need to enter each one of these folders and add the new group inside. And this is a hard task to do for hundreds of countries.

So, how can I shortcut this and add GG_Audit_Managers to all the country folders without losing all the specific permissions? and I mean also without adding GG_World_Admins.

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