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I'm working at an university in Germany, and I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit alongside Windows 7 64-bit on a desktop PC which is in the university network. We are using the Novell Client for Windows for logging in (both, students and research staff).

I have installed Linux from USB as follows:


When I restart after the installation is complete, there appears the bootloader, and I can select both OSs. When I only use Ubuntu, the bootloader appears again, but when I use Windows one time (logging in with the Novell Client), the computer does not load the bootloader and reboots again and again.

In previous additional installations, Ubuntu alongside Windows, I didn't have this problem.

Is it because of the Novell Client?

The personnel in our data processing service center don't know how to fix this.


The bootloader doesn't work as well, when I don't login with the client. When I restart from the Windows login.

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