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I really have no idea what's going on here. I have an ASUS K75DE and both official manual and the official site says the Setup key is F2, however no matter how fast I smash the key constantly, nothing happens. I even did that process with "Fn" key pressed and again, nothing.

What's going on here?

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If that's a UEFI system, you'll likely need to make sure you're actually cold booting, not rebooting or something similar . . . –  ernie Jan 23 at 0:21
Try Esc as well –  tumchaaditya Jan 23 at 0:29
thanks for you answers. ernie what you mean? I'm shutting off the laptop and then turning it on... and nothing. –  Alain Jan 23 at 0:46
@Alain - most of the newer systems with UEFI, even when you press power, are not a complete power off, but some sleep/hibernate state. Same thing when you reboot from within in Windows; it's not the same as a hard reboot, and often you don't have time to interrupt the boot process. To ensure a hard power off, you'll likely want to hold the power button down for several seconds. If the battery is removable, you could try that as well to ensure a complete power cycle. –  ernie Jan 24 at 22:10

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This article suggests you should try the DEL key instead


Then, this forum is worth a read

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yup, I saw that before posting the question, tried it, and nothing... that's when I pass to the F2 key and still nothing. –  Alain Jan 23 at 0:47

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