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I've been trying to use a router's Wifi Repeater Mode to access a Wifi network that uses a Captive Portal. So in order to get out to the internet, I have to pass through the captive portal in a web browser every so often.

Unfortunately when I connect through the Repeater, I only sometimes get a route to the internet.

For some reason, my first-gen iPad gets through to the internet almost all the time, but my Macbook (10.8) almost always (I cannot perceive a pattern) gives me a "no internet" (exclamation point icon). And when I request something in a web browser, it doesn't redirect to the captive portal. Sometimes it says "another device on this network has the same IP address". I've tried rebooting the router, rebooting the Macbook, Forgetting the Wifi network, renewing DHCP, etc. Sometimes one of these actions lets me get through to the internet, sometimes it doesn't.

In any case, it's totally unusable. Can someone give me a rundown on the basics of using Wifi Repeater Mode (or Wifi Bridge Mode) with a Captive Portal? Any ideas what actions might get me through to the internet or redirect me to the captive portal page?

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