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I found lots of advice on how to scale an A4 down to A5 and have two per A4 page. I have one A5 document that I want to print two copies of on an A4 page.

I don't think it's that relevant, because I believe in working toward a higher quality language, where you tell me what to do on "A printer", and I find its way of doing what you describe, but I'm using an Epson Stylus SX235W with MS-Word 2013.

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Choose File -> Print. Select "Two page per sheet" and then press Print.

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It's not so simple, e.g. I have a page border on the A5 that now wraps the whole A4, and alignments to page sides etc. all for a loop. I think it will be easier to fix the layout by taking an image, or PDF, and printing two of them per page. –  ProfK Jan 24 at 2:27
@ProfKaos, if the layout is a problem you could try adjusting the margins, or even better yet, convert the page into A4 and use the two text column layout. –  Adam Jan 24 at 10:26
Yes, I think converting the page to A4 is the smoothest way for now. Everything else I try, it halves the size of the A5, and prints 2 in an A5 size on the A4 paper. –  ProfK Jan 24 at 13:46

Or you could use Microsoft Publisher because you can choose a layout where you can put two A5 pages on to one A4 pages. I was having the same problem- the option would be booklet layout

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In my experience, it's easier to convert (or Save As) the document to PDF at full size, which in this case would be A4. Then print from that.

In my experience PDF offers you far more options than most of the MS Office Suite, although I don't have 2013, so I can't say for sure. I often print handouts, and PDF > Landscape > 2 Copies Per Page works for me every time. In your case, I think the border is causing the issue.

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I specifically want the documents in A4 size. My workaround is to physically paste two onto an A4 and scan that. –  ProfK Oct 10 at 13:59

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