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How to disable Google Chrome download bar from popping up every time I download something? I prefer to ctrl+j to see my downloads status when I actually want it, not to see a log of every thing I save all the time.

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Was an option in chrome://flags/ until ver 22. Since then, it seems the only option has been an extension that jacks with download history. – panhandel Jan 23 '14 at 22:54
I believe that CoolNovo has a simplified download manager that tucks away all downloads into a button at the top instead of a bar at the bottom. (, no affiliation whatsoever) – gparyani Jan 24 '14 at 4:58

In my current Chromium (47.0.2509.0), in chrome://flags, you can set "Download Status in Notification Center" to "Enabled" which will display downloads in a Notification popup instead of the downloads bar.

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