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For instance, if you click a URL with the apt: protocol in Ubuntu, it will install a package from your repository:

  • Install firefox

As you can see, this doesn't work on StackExchange, despite the URL being there.

If you click a link with the about: protocol in Firefox, it can lead to inner workings of your browser:

  • Browser configuration

As you can see, this doesn't work on StackExchange, either. Many websites, forums, etc. only recognize http:// URLs, but there are all kinds of other useful protocols, like news:, mailto:, aim:, etc.

However, I can work around this in a sense. Instead of linking to apt:firefox, I can link to, which I know will then launch the apt: link:

Is there a tinyurl-esque website or other workaround that allows creation of http:// URLs that then launch other arbitrary protocol URLs?

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StackExchange is a productivised version of the Stack Overflow base, which is used by Super User, not the other way around. – random Nov 15 '09 at 3:16
So the software is called "Stack Overflow" and the website is also called "Stack Overflow"? – endolith Nov 15 '09 at 4:14

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I just reminded myself of one possible workaround. TinyURL itself!

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