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I had a symbian phone and have now upgraded to a Windows Lumia phone. I want to sync contents of my Ovi Suite to the new Lumia phone.

Before you downvote, I don't have my old symbian phone anymore. So I can't make use of the Nokia Ovi Suite's Transfer contents to new Lumia phone feature or sync with Outlook because you need to be able to connect your symbian phone with the ovi suite to be able to use this feature.

So all I have is, Ovi Suite with a lot of data in it, USB connection, New Lumia phone.

So how do I sync all my old contacts, messages without the old phone.

P.S: Since I don't have my old phone, anymore, Lumia's default app Transfer data is also of no use.

P.P.S : None of my friends use Symbian phones anymore. So using their phone to connect to Ovi Suite is also not an option

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