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What codec or player is needed to play .RMVB files on Windows Vista?

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KMPlayer will do it with its internal codec pack. Besides, I recommend you to install CCCP which is a simple playback pack for Windows with the goal of supporting the majority of video formats in use today.

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CCCP is what i wanted – JuanZe Nov 16 '09 at 6:20

If you (justly) don't like the invasive Real Player, there's always Real Alternative, which will allow you to play RealMedia files without having to install RealPlayer/RealOne Player.

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SMPLayer will playback RMVB out of the box, no external codecs required.

alt text

SMPlayer is open source and free; a portable version is available.

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The format was created by the people who make RealPlayer, so it will play the file. It can also be played in VLC and Media Player Classic.

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VLC's real media capabilities are rather poor, MPC won't play them at all unless the required codec is installed. – Molly7244 Nov 15 '09 at 12:41

vlc cannot play .rmvb format. u need real player to play this.

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Obviously Real Player would play that .. Or the other alternative is to use a converter to get it in desired/playable format

or else look for some codec you'll get it with very little effort doing google search ..

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