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So I can't find the screen brightness slider or any brightness adjustment option in my power plan options. All I can do is determine when to put the laptop to sleep and when to turn off the display.

It seems like the common solution for many was to go to Device Manager and uninstall the driver under Monitors, then scan for hardware changes. I did that and it didn't work. If it helps, under my Monitors section it says "Generic PnP Monitor".

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What kind of monitor / Video Card? Is this an OEM Utility like from HP or Lenovo? That maybe the issue.. –  Leptonator Jan 27 at 6:54
Not so familiar with this stuff. What do you mean by the kind of monitor? The laptop I'm using is a Dell Studio XPS. –  user3201152 Jan 27 at 6:59
Did you install Windows yourself or did it come on the laptop? An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) like Dell does have the ability to distribute Windows as part of a package with systems they sell. –  Leptonator Jan 27 at 7:03
The laptop was a gift so I don't know what it started with, but there's a sticker that shows Windows Vista on it, so I'm gonna assume Windows did come with the laptop and Windows 7 was later installed on it. –  user3201152 Jan 27 at 7:10
See the response.. Is that the slider you refer to? If you go to a customized power plan, you may see some odd things.. What about going to default power plan? –  Leptonator Jan 27 at 7:15

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Never mind - I see the slider you talk about..

Here - Slider

It is in the Power Plan information.

I am sure it is in Control Panel too.

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That would be screen resolution, hes after brightness. Its likely under power settings. –  Nathan Kerr Jan 27 at 7:10
Yep.. I realized that right as soon as I was posting it. Updated to show the brightness sliders he is talking about. –  Leptonator Jan 27 at 7:13
My problem is that it's mysteriously not there. Mine looks like that but without anything related to brightness. i.imgur.com/QuAXlk2.png –  user3201152 Jan 27 at 7:15
Do you know when this disappeared? Like 1 or 2 days ago? What about restoring your system to that point? –  Leptonator Jan 27 at 7:19
go here please - superuser.com/questions/308721/… –  Leptonator Jan 27 at 7:21

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