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I have configured my email server to send all email to my mailbox. So x@example.com and y@example.com go to one mailbox.

Every forum, registration, and guy get their own address for sending me emails so I can deliver their messages to /dev/null if anyone starts spamming. That’s the working setup.

Now the problem: If I reply to a message, then Thunderbird always sets my default Identity as the sender. I know I can add additional identities, but I don't want to add every address.

How can I configure Thunderbird so that when an email is sent to x@example.com, replies will come from x@example.com?

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Does thunderbird support macros? What language does it use? –  Raystafarian Jan 27 at 15:42

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Not an automatic solution but the Virtual Identity addon for Thunderbird might help. It allows you to edit the From: field (assuming your smtp server allows it).

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