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I have been looking at an older netbook (Asus Eee PC 1005HA) for a friend. It encountered some errors in XP and refuses to boot due to errors in the systemconfig file. This is fine since it's going to be wiped to Linux anyway. The problem is trying to boot to USB.

The computer does not shut down completely, as in it will save the start up state of Windows and relaunch from that when I try to start it up. It does not provide either BIOS or POST. The problem now is that with the Windows boot error I am unable to either go back to the BIOS or boot into Windows.

Luckily I have come up with a workaround. If I cause a system failure (i.e. remove the RAM, boot, fails, put RAM back in), it will boot and show the BIOS. This worked and I was able to boot to USB. I flipped through the BIOS settings to try and disable the HDD and most of all change the settings to always show BIOS and POST, but there were none.

Now this has been complicated because I am presented with a American Megatronics page that wants to check the system. This will either boot to failed Windows or shut off and turn on at failed Windows.

I know there is an obvious easy solution. Take out the HDD and put it in another computer and set it up, but I would like to actually solve the problem here.

Has anyone ever come across this issue?

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