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I have a Lenovo Helix which has 2 cameras, front and rear.

I need to take a picture of myself for a security verification on a site with a Flash player object to perform the capture. It's a similar flash webcam capture as something like ChatRoulette.

Flash by default wants to use my rear camera, but obviously I wish to use the front camera to take a picture of myself.

When I right click the flash object and go to the camera settings, I can choose the front camera in the dropdown box, and see myself in the little preview box. However, this does not actually change the camera input in the main window.

I am using the latest Chrome, version 32.

So, how do I properly switch the camera ad hoc? And how can I set my front camera as the default?

*Note: I will be asking in the Lenovo forums too, so please don't tell me to ask there instead. I would imagine this is a more general issue as many more devices have 2 cameras these days.

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