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I struggle to create passwordless sudo for one user on my Debian server. I've added the following line to the sudoers file:

deployer ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL

but it doesn't work.

To my surprise, I can easily create a new user

adduser deploy
passwd -l deploy
su deploy
touch somefile

add deploy ALL = NOPASSWD: ALL to sudoers, and

sudo cp somefile /etc/init.d/somefile

won't prompt me for a password.

Could you please explain what could be the difference between my existing user (deployer) and a new one (deploy), so that passwordless sudo would work for one, but not another?

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Not enough info to make a 100% accurate response, but one possible cause would be that deployer is member of a group like e.g. wheel, which might get evaluated before the more specific rule you added later.

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Thank you, @tink. It was the right guess. I ran groups deployer and saw that it belongs to two groups: "deployer" and "sudo". I removed the sudo group and now everything works as expected. – Ivan Zamylin Jan 28 '14 at 8:36

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