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In Jenkins my job is of type "Build a maven2/3 project" and project name is "SeleniumProject" and project source is "SVN" contains around 40 test cases. When I build this, it runs all test cases and 3 of them fail. How can I execute an individual test in this project? These test cases are coming under module "automation". Where do I need to configure build to run only one test case?

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Use -Dtest=<test class name> or -Dtest=<test class name>#<test method name> as specified at

ps: use StackOverflow for programming questions - they'll get answered sooner

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It is not working in jenkins, In project level all test cases are running, in module level no test cases are running – Subbarao Gaddam Jan 29 '14 at 2:43
Just created a test jenkins job for a multimodule project. Added -DfailNoTests=false -Dtest=<test class name> to its 'Goals and options' in a 'Build' section (i.e. my 'Goals and options' param looks like -DfailNoTests=false -Dtest=<test class name> install). As a result the whole project was built, only the specified test class was executed. – FlasH from Ru Jan 29 '14 at 7:08

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