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I want to know how to set up an environment variable that stores other environment variable but these environment variables doesn't gets expanded when I echo instead if I use eval echo then it should expand.

Like i want to have echo $TEST_HOME should result in /Users/krysto/$PATH/$DATA_DIR

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Create TEST_HOME using single-quotes to prevent bash expansion:

$ TEST_HOME='/Users/krysto/$MYPATH/$DATA_DIR'
$ echo $TEST_HOME

Then, one can use eval to expand it.  As an example:

$ MYPATH=dir1/dir2
$ DATA_DIR=data/dir
$ eval echo $TEST_HOME

A couple of notes: The convention is that the important system variables, like PATH or HOME, are all upper-case. If you want to avoid overwriting one of them, make your variables lower-case. In particular, overriding PATH could leave the shell that you are in largely non-functional.

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Just escape the variables (makes no diffirence if local or env), e.g.

> test="echo something"
> test1="\$test"
> echo $test1
> eval $test1
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