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Is that such a plugin for chrome or other webbroswer that supports tab navigation by typing tab names?

My browser constantly has a lot of open tabs. It makes tab switching really difficult. I have to either navigate the tabs left/right using the shortcuts or click through the small tab icons to find a particular tab, both of which are very inefficient. Thus, I'm wondering if there is such a plugin that helps navigate the tabs by typing page keywords or page name. (If you're an Emacs user, this should ideally work like C-x b.) For example, when you type "super user" in the browser, jumps to the corresponding tab. Another nice-to-have feature is to prevent user from opening duplicate tabs, and group tabs by domain name.

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Perhaps for Chrome, QuickTabs from the Chrome web store. Type ctrl-m and then type the title prefix and press enter. If this one isn't right, I suggest you search the Chrome web store.

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Sweet!!! This is very close to what I had in mind Thanks – Shen Jan 29 '14 at 8:21

For Firefox, Tabhunter has got this feature.

The search for title/url or page text works for tabs in any window. Also, the keyboard shortcut is customizable.

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