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I have installed a Canon SmartBase MP370 printer to a Ubuntu Server using Canon BJC-8200 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.9 drivers, as native drivers are not present. I printed a test page from server successfully. So, I proceeded to install this printer to a MacBook in the network. Using Internet Printing Protocol (HTTP) and the same driver, i installed the printer. Then i tried to print a test page from Mac, but no luck. It shows like it has successfully printed the document. Also, in the server CUPS access_log it looks like it received the document and printed out successfully, but nothing came out from the printer at all! And printer made no sound at all too!

Relevant portion of access_log: - - [29/Jan/2014:17:50:27 +0200] "POST /printers/Canon_MP370_Series HTTP/1.1" 200 257 Validate-Job successful-ok - - [29/Jan/2014:17:50:27 +0200] "POST /printers/Canon_MP370_Series HTTP/1.1" 200 210 Create-Job successful-ok - - [29/Jan/2014:17:50:27 +0200] "POST /printers/Canon_MP370_Series HTTP/1.1" 200 383554 Send-Document successful-ok

page_log shows this document as well:

Canon_MP370_Series jatha 14 [29/Jan/2014:17:50:32 +0200] 1 1 - journal.pcbi.1002632.pdf - -

I checked dmesg and have seen such messages though:

[ 6140.969695] usblp0: removed
[ 6141.177437] usblp0 1-2:1.0: USB Bidirectional printer dev 4 if 0 alt 0 proto 2 vid 0x04A9 pid 0x263D

and i have no idea what this message means and how to fix it. It doesn't show up when you print directly from server.

You can find cups configuration file on the server here: http://pastebin.com/yJMsKWe7

Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem?


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