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Is there a GUI in Ubuntu for directory based mass find and replace? Preferrably one that works similar to Adobe Dreamweaver's find and replace system.

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Having no experience with Dreamweaver whatsoever it is not clear for me if you are looking for a tool to search/replace file names or strings within files in a directory hierarchy.

Anyway, software that is already in the repositories and you can install via synaptic and that should do what you ask is (edit: of course all this software is FLOSS, there are other freeware and commercial options too, if you wish so):

  • If you are looking to mass-rename files, then Purrr does the trick. The website of the developer appears to have been squatted, so I linked the package description from ubuntu/karmic instead.
  • If you are looking for replacing strings on an entire filetree, then a good program to use is Regexxer which exposes the power of regular expressions via a nice graphical interface. I just found out (but never tried myself) kfilereplace, for KDE environments.
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