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I have a website that I am uploading new files to. I successfully uploaded files via FTP. When I go to www.domain.com it shows the old site, but if I go to www.domain.com/index.html it shows my new site.

If it helps, I designed the new site with Adobe Muse and uploaded it via Muse.

How can I tell what's wrong, and how can I get www.domain.com to show the new site?

I don't have access to the server that the site is hosted on. I am just using a hosting company to host my website.

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Maybe you happen to have index.htm? Can you check if www.domain.com/index.htm shows your old site? –  Darius Jan 30 '14 at 6:18
index.htm shows just a blank page –  user214577 Jan 30 '14 at 6:27

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I did expereinced the similar situation a long time ago, the problem was with the FTP uploading process, the hosting guys forced a modified index.html every time I tried to upload new site.

it could also be a browser issue have you tried pressing ctrl+F5 after u see old site ?

As a solution, have a backup and then delete all files on FTP, then upload latest site

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