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ISP: ATT Modem: Motorola grey box. No model number listed anywhere on it. Router: Netgear Wireless-G wrt54g v8 Computers with wired connections: Alicecom, Bobcom, Wiicom.

My network activity of medium difficulty are sharing sharing videos between computers serving video games such as Minecraft & Terraria. Which would be a better network setup for medium-difficulty tweaking i.e. setting up static computer IPs and opening some ports?

1) Internet -> Modem(PPPoE) -> Router(?) => Computers

2) Internet -> Modem(bridge) -> Router(PPPoE) => Computers

For five years I have used setup 2 without much problem. However this month ATT acting stupid and dropping my connection until its setup to a direct Internet connection with only the modem and one computer. I don't know what connection type I would set my router to if I used configuration #1. Thanks for all the help.

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