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For two or three days now, I have some issues with Chrome (on Windows 8.1 and Chrome is updated to the latest version).

The pages aren't loaded correctly, like for example Facebook (see image at the bottom). However, if I refresh the page one or two times, it loads correctly. I tried using Firefox and everything works fine there.

And, if I close and restart Chrome, all the tabs with Google pages in them (Gmail, Google Drive) are gone and in their place I get this page:, telling me to clear my cache and cookies. Of course, I did that, but nothing changed.

Did someone encounter this behavior before? What could it be?

screenshot of Facebook without css

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The issue with shown in your Facebook screenshot is caused by your browser not using the CSS for the page. This is the file that tells your browser how the page should be styled. This could be either from your browser not being able to download it properly, or the local copy of it being corrupted. Unfortunately I'm unsure as to what could cause it to happen so frequently to you. – Dracs Jan 30 '14 at 23:11

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