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I'm currently using Chrome version 32.0.1700 on Windows 7 and after last (or one of last) browser update I noticed some strange (at least to me) changes in look & feel of this browser. I would like to ask, if other also does suffer from these changes and if they're short-living bugs or permanent changes.

Changes that I found so far to drop-down lists and graphic rendering:

  1. Removed support for clicking in drop-down lists -- you no longer can use left mouse click to scroll long drop-down lists, because there are no arrows on scrollbar and scrollbar itself doesn't react correctly on clicks (closes drop-down list instead of scrolling it). Using mouse wheel is currently the only way to get access to other (initially not visible) drop-down list's items.

  2. When drop-down list has 4+ items, you're unable to hover (mark with blue background) last item on it. You can select it, but selection hovers stops on previous item -- this clearly look like a bug.

  3. When you hibernate Windows with Google Chrome as active program (it's window maximized and covering all others), it is completely empty (not refreshed / redrawn) upon dehibernation. You must refresh current tab, by pressing F5 or move mouse pointer around entire tab area.

  4. At many points switching tabs causes that graphics elements comming from some non-standard UTF-8 fonts are incorrectly rendered as empty boxes. Fix is the same as above (refresh or move).

Plus stupidity (?) that I can use mouse clicks on scrollbars in normal lists, but can't in drop-down ones.

Has anyone else spotted these? Are these permanent changes or just bugs, that waits to be fixed.

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4 is a known bug that will be fixed in version 33. – slhck Jan 31 '14 at 8:56
update google chrome, it was a known bug. – Sickest Jan 31 '14 at 9:06
Thanks for your contribution. Unfortunately, point 4 is the smallest pain in my everyday usage of Chrome and I was hoping to get some explanations on points 1-3. – trejder Jan 31 '14 at 10:46
something like point 1 is driving me crazy, I cannot even open drop-down lists, so only keying through the items works, and on dynamic pages, this kills, as it reload on each key. – Simeon Pilgrim Feb 10 '14 at 3:58

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