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I recently bought Inspiron 15 3537 with Windows 8. I am trying to install fresh Windows 7 instead. I followed all the instructions, yet at the end of the installation I get the blue screen with HIDCLASS.SYS error:

enter image description here

Someone know how to fix it? :(

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Post the screenshot through a comment. What instructions exactly did you follow? –  Ramhound Jan 31 at 12:50
I followed the instructions from here: superuser.com/questions/541472/…. My question was first posted as comment there. Here is the screenshot: i33.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0131/88/… –  Iron-Eagle Jan 31 at 15:47
Those instructions make no sense. Windows 7 supports UEFI and GPT. You shouldn't have to boot enable legacy mode to install Windows 7. –  Ramhound Jan 31 at 16:18
hidclass = input device (keyboard, mouse). remove an attached mouse. –  magicandre1981 Jan 31 at 18:10
what was the issue? The mouse? –  magicandre1981 Feb 2 at 8:36

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Stop code 7E is your AHCI/IDE driver.

Goto Dell and download and extract the newest driver on to a USB stick

During the Windows 7 install process click Load Driver and install the SATA/AHCI driver from your USB stick.

install should proceed normally.

Otherwise go into the BIOS and switch modes. If it is in AHCI mode then use IDE or compatibility mode. If it is in IDE mode switch it to AHCI mode.

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