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I recently set up Virtualmin on a clean Debian7-32bit VPS. I decided to go with nginx instead of Apache.

Virtualmin sets up separate config files for each "virtual host", which I guess is fine. I have 3 domain names: Domain 1 is the main site (/home/joey), while Domain 2 and Domain 3 are subdirectories (/home/joey/s1 and /home/joey/s2). The document roots for each host are set up has such, however when I enter each domain in my web broswer I am brought to the main site. Basically, Domains 1, 2, and 3 all show the document root of Domain 1.

Is there something wrong with my configuration? Maybe I need something in my host records for each domain (on NameCheap)? This hadn't happened before I wiped my VPS and reinstalled Debian, when I was running apache.

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I have stopped using virtualmin long ago, but if you can paste me your nginx virtual hosts files I could help you fix them manually. –  Mohammad AbuShady Feb 11 '14 at 14:51

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