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I'm looking for a Linux command to go through all the directories on my server and find all files with 777 permission. The output would be a list of all those files with full path.

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Just like your last question, use find:

find / -type f -perm 0777
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And if you like to find all files without Permission 0777 then just enter a ! before the perm, e.g.

find / -type f ! -perm 0777

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You can also change the permissions or ownership of all those files resulting from the find execution using the -exec option to avoid change them manually. Exempli gratia: In a web server you could need to grant the group to write files:

find / -type f -perm 0777 -exec chmod 775 {} \; -exec chgrp -R www {} \;
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it's as easy as:

find / -perm 0777

if you only want to match files, use this instead:

find / -type f -perm 0777
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