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I just installed the latest xcode on my Mac Mavericks. There should be a “Developer” folder created in the root folder. but I cannot find it. I am not sure if I installed it incorrectly or the latest version changed the installation path. please help.

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From the release notes:

/Developer No Longer Exists

The simplification afforded by repackaging Xcode 4.3 as a single app bundle eliminates the need for the /Developer directory containing prior versions of Xcode. As a result, the Install Xcode application and the uninstall-devtools command line script are also no longer needed.

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In your terminal run:

$ xcode-select --print-path

the output is the Developer folder.

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In addition to what nerdwaller said, you can now access your developer tools by going to Top Bar -> XCode -> Open Developer Tools.

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