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I'm using Outlook 2010. I want to change my e-mail address from to

Both e-mail addresses sync with the mail server via IMAP.

I can change the email address and server setting in Outlook in the Account Settings.

But as soon as I change from to, Outlook syncs to the new mail server (which is empty) and removes all my directories and email from the old email address.

Is there a way to get to mirror without having to migrate all the mails from server to sever outside of Outlook?

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Create a local .PST file. Copy the files from the IMAP Server to the .PST Archive. This will allow you to keep a local copy of the emails. An optional step copy the emails to the new IMAP server. – Ramhound Feb 3 '14 at 15:51
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IMAP doesn't keep a local copy.

You will have to merge the emails manually, but this can be done inside Outlook by either

Creating 2 IMAP accounts in Outlook, and then copying the files over
Creating a new POP3 Account, download all the emails, change over the IMAP account details, and then copy the emails across

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