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On my win 7 x64 machine using pidgin 2.6.3 I cannot connect to any IRC server. I have tried most of the North American servers, as well as my workplace's internal server with no luck. I have tried from work as well as from home but different networks have no effect. I keep getting Unable to Connect: Connection refused.

It work fine 3 weeks ago on this very machine running Win 7 x64. But then I re-imaged, and did not backup my .purple folder. Which I had used for the past 2 years and originally created on a vista install.

I can connect using this install of Pigin to yahoo and msn with no problems. Just not to irc.

Any thoughts?

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Maybe it's caused by your firewall?

Win+R, run telnet from there, and enter:

open 6667

If it greets you with something like this...

NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname...
NOTICE AUTH :*** Checking ident

...then either your firewall is blocking pidgin.exe, or your configuration is incorrect somehow.

If Windows 7 doesn't have telnet anymore (which I heard but cannot confirm), the same thing can be tested with a different IRC client (Xchat, mIRC).

Also try connecting to a different port instead of the usual 6667. ( allows 8001 among others.)

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I am afraid it may be some sort of firewall issue. Changing ports from 6667 to 7000 allows me to connect to But my other irc servers only serve off of 6667. I tried adding rules to the firewall to clear port 6667 but it seems to have no effect. – tvanover Nov 16 '09 at 23:06
Maybe use a SSL connection as a workaround? (Most networks have it on port 6697 or 9999.) Also, what firewall are you using? – grawity Nov 17 '09 at 9:56

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