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I have slow Internet in normal chrome but I can load for example YouTube videos but pages take long to resolve.

Then when I use incognito mode my Internet is even slower, connection drops all the time and I can't load video, also takes about 3 or so minutes to resolve a page. I then loaded an online proxy and with it I can browse at my normal (if you can call that fast) speed.

I though at first that maybe it was my DNS but I changed it from Google to openDNS and set to auto to see I I use my ISP DNS, but nothing. any ideas?

i forgot to mention i also have this problem on IE i have windows 7.

i noticed too that when i write the address directly on the URL bar i get to the site faster than if i search it on Google and then click it through it, i would say is something related to my browser but as i get the same issue with IE i would say that's unlikely

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